An article about this bridge was published in 'The Village Magazine' Alvechurch.

As reported in local newspapers recently including the Bromsgrove Advertiser, a rotting bridge on the W&B canal 'Dead Arm', Alvechurch on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal is an 'accident waiting to happen'. The bridge is rotting away and kids have been spotted trying to climb on to it. Nick Worthington of CRT has told WBDCS that remedial work to secure the bridge will be a priority but there are no plans to remove it in the next 5 years. Our society urges CRT to rethink this as not only is it dangerous but also an eyesore for the local community and canal users.

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Canal & River Trust have recently contacted our society to report that this bridge is now in their action plans and should be demolished by the end of 2018.

We have recently been advised that the cables that this bridge carries have been re-routed. Work to remove the bridge will probably take place in 2018.

Below: Bridge built in 1985.

Below Right & Article Picture: Bridge Today in 2016.


Bridge over south end cut off, Mar 85