A completely free evening in Worcester on 15th June to kick off a 10 day festival. Families and dogs welcome!

Weorgoran Pavilion Launch Night with Dave Crowe

18:00 – 21:00 – Weorgoran Pavilion, South Quay, Worcester, WR1 2JN

18:00- 18:15 Shelley Eva Haden (dance) & Julia Palmer-Price (cello)

18:30- 19:00 Worcester Young Voices Choir & Dave Crowe

19:00- 20:00 Stranger Faces

20:30- 21:00 Shire Skies Soundscape

Join us for the opening of NEON’s spectacular stage, the Weorgoran Pavilion. To celebrate the start of our free family festival – 10 days of art, food, drink, music, workshops and poetry, which takes place from 15 – 24 June.
More info here: https://theringart.org.uk/events/

Download a full schedule by clicking here: http://wbdcs.org.uk/…/The-Ring_Weorgoran-Pavilion-festival-… or by visiting The Ring website: https://theringart.org.uk/