We are not taking our usual range of goods to this year’s Parkhead Festival. We are, instead, having a ‘Pick A Bottle’ stall.
For this fundraising activity to be a success, we are looking for donations of bottles as prizes.
Suitable bottled items for prizes include beer, wine, soft drinks, food items (e.g. tomato ketchup, jar of marmalade), toiletries and cosmetics (e.g. shampoo, bubble bath, perfume), or anything that you can think of that will fit into a standard bottle bag. If you have any bottle bags that you can donate – they don’t need to be new, just clean – that would be great too. Please ensure that food/drink is well within its best before/use by date.
We need prizes that are suitable for both adults and children. Lower value items are as important as higher value prizes. We are aiming to collect at least 300 bottles.
If you have prizes to donate, please bring them to the Society AGM on Tuesday 4th September, or pass them to a committee member. Alternatively, they can be dropped off at the Society shop stall at the Black Country Boating Festival, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September.