Reported in The Worcester News 31st May :

Canal and Rivers Trust criticises vandals after water drained from Worcester and Birmingham Canal.

VANDALS are being blamed for emptying a stretch of canal in Worcester of water.
The Birmingham and Worcester Canal was drained between Tolladine Lock in Worcester and Offerton Lock in Hindlip on Tuesday morning Four staff spent half a working day returning it to normal while boaters had to be stopped until the repair work was finished.
The Canal and River Trust say such vandalism is a regular problem which has been happening once or twice per month.
Vandals opened the gates to the lock and then drained the water from the waterway.
The trust bemoaned the time that staff wasted having to refill the canal, when they could be focusing on other work to improve the canal.
A Canal and River Trust spokesman said: “Unfortunately this was caused by vandalism.
“Someone is purposefully opening the lock gates and the letting the water drain from the canal. It’s happening once or twice a month and it causes huge disturbance to everyone using the canal. It also takes us a lot of time and effort to refill the water, when we could be doing other work to improve the area.
Local people get a huge amount of enjoyment from the canal, it’s a shame someone is choosing to spoil this for some mad, unknown reason. Everytime that this happens water has to be brought from further down and we have to hold boats back until we have finished refilling the water.”
Anyone who has witnessed the canal being drained, please call the police on 101 or contact