Why not spend a few hours or a day at our Lime Kilns conservation project –

Future Dates are:
July          Wed 26th Thurs 27th
August     Sat 12th Sun 13th Wed 23th Thurs 24th
September Sat 9th Sun 10th Wed 27th Thurs 28th.

At the moment, we are working on the mound of soil at the front of kiln 5.
We now have a large metal grid on legs that will help us sift out the rubble from the waste soil so we can now do the job much more quickly. If you can join us this Wednesday we would be pleased to see you.


We are going to open the kilns site again this year for the Heritage Open Days that take place across the country. Last year proved very successful for us when we did this for the first time.  The dates of opening will be Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th September and the times will be 10.00am to 5.00pm.  We will need some help please to act as Stewards for the days.  The duties should not be arduous, this will be to organise car parking, making visitors welcome, directing them to the kilns. I will have a couple of people with me to act as guides on the kilns.


There are some jobs of the kilns I would like to complete before the open days which will make the site look much better for visitors. This will be to reduce the mound of soil at kiln 5, to complete weeding the top of the kilns and some other jobs. I need to add some extra work days to complete these preparations in time which will be in August. These are Sat and Sun 5 and 6,19 and 20, 26 and 27.


We have been trying to clarify work that we could do along ‘our’ canal the Worcester and Birmingham. A few tasks were put forward by C&RT but details still need to be finalised. The one job we can do is clearing vegetation on the approach into locks and inside the locks. With this in mind I have booked the Wanderer for dates in August. These are Wed and Thurs. 2 and 3, 9 and 10, 16 and 17. I hope the members who supported the tree cutting earlier in the year so successfully will be able to help with this. I could re-arrange some of these dates depending on what people could manage if necessary.

August is proving to be a busy month so if members could help it would be appreciated.