Society Volunteer Coordinator Bill Lambert writes….

Canal and River Trust are working on Green Spaces initiative.
The event will start at 10.00am and takes place at Cambrian House 22 King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AN
This work runs on the first Wednesdays of the month and will run for several months through the summer. It covers the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal and aims to improve the environment and appearance of the canal corridor around the city centre. I have re-checked the details of this initiative and am told –
“This Greener Birmingham project is still ongoing and getting very popular. Steve Lambert is leading on this. You can add his mobile number 07710 175 073 if you wish as Steve is happy to receive calls from anyone interested.”

More crew and helms people required as our organised boat trips are becoming more popular. In addition, we may also soon be receiving requests via Redditch support networks. Volunteers must be happy to work with young children.

Tardebigge Adoptions.
Help needed for mowing and vegetation. If we could have one or two people to give us two days per month, then this would help to release hours to concentrate on other tasks.

The Lime Kilns.
C&RT removed the mound off kiln 5 and the waste soil was placed a few yards away along the banks. This work was complicated by electrical power lines that cross over the kilns. Safety factors meant the digger machine could not work directly under these lines which restricted the area worked on. Whilst this has helped considerably there is still a substantial amount still to move.

Recovery of Heritage Bricks.
There is a part collapsed wall below the kilns site. It has been proposed that we re-build the section to improve the heritage area. This will need us to recover the fallen masonry from the field next door so that we can clean the bricks to be re-used.

A Society Presence at Tardebigge.
We have recently had ‘Cecilia’ at Tardebigge and this has worked well for us. There is usually a good foot fall, so we have engaged with the public, offered free tea and biscuits and give out leaflets. Time 9.30am to 4.00pm.
More help would be appreciated please in the Spring.

A New Information Board for Tug Boat Birmingham.
Our grateful thanks to Chris Lovell from the Towpath Taskforce Volunteers, for his work in building a new board to replace one of the two that are falling apart. He has recently started work on making a replacement for the second board.

Our next work parties at Tardebigge for 2019 will start in the Spring.

We meet on site at 9.30am and leave 3.30pm.
The address of the site is Tardebigge New Wharf, Alcester Road, Tardebigge, Bromsgrove, B60 1NF

We will continue our work on the lime kilns project and our other adoptions. We will also have the society boat Cecilia moored there for this week-end only to promote our society and its work. If you could help staff the boat, it would be helpful.

Jobs to do are: –
· Sifting through the waste earth on one of the banks. This was recently moved from the front of kiln 5 by C&RT, but it still has some rubble and scrap items mixed in it.
· Mowing all grass areas.
· Tidy the compound with the heritage tug boat.
· Promoting our society to the public at Tardebigge.

To Re-cap, in the longer term, we need help please on the following tasks: –
Helmsman and crew for Cecilia,
Grass mowing on the Tardebigge adoptions,
Recovering heritage bricks,

As the Volunteer Coordinator I am extremely pleased with the response we had for volunteers. This year was the best in terms of the number of people who helped and the time they gave to support various jobs that needed doing. Everyone gave at least three to four hours a time which meant all jobs were safely covered, and equally important, people could have rest breaks.

Bill Lambert
Volunteer Coordinator
Tel: 02476 726924 or Mobile: 07815 986012
Email: volunteers@wbdcs.org.uk