A message to boater’s and towpath users close to University Train Station.
A series of closures to both navigation and the towpath.

Volker Fitzpatrick working on behalf of Network Rail, University of Birmingham and WMCA to deliver the redevelopment of University Train Station, require a series closures of the canal and towpath to lift large sections of the station building framework and canal footbridge across the canal. The canal closure coincides with a closure of the railway. A towpath diversion route will be displayed at the nearest access points. To minimise the effect of the closure, the contractor has agreed two windows to open the canal to allow boats and towpath users to pass through the site. Therefore, the canal and towpath will be open between 12.00 -13.00 and 16.00 -17.00 on each Sunday.

Dates are:
Sunday 27th June 00.30 – Monday 28th June 05.00
Sunday 4th July 00.30 – Monday 5th July 05.00
Sunday 8th August 00.30 – Monday 9th August 05.00
Sunday 5th September 00.30 – Monday 6th September 05.00
Sunday 26th September 00.30 – Monday 27th September 05.00
Sunday 3rd October 00.30 – Monday 4th October 05.00

From Canal & River Trust: We appreciate that these stoppages will have an impact on anyone needing to pass through this area on these dates but, following our representations to them, we’re satisfied that, with the provision made for passage twice each day, they are keeping disruption to a minimum.