Contacts & Committee

ashwoodThe society is run by an elected committee and is a registered charity (500159) bound by its constitution.
Monthly committee meetings are held in Alvechurch.
The AGM is held prior to the normal business of the September meeting.
Use the ‘How To Contact Us’ tab to get in touch, for general information use, one of the email addresses below, or ring David Wheeler on Mobile: 07970 711038, Home: 01527 833359.
Position Name Email

President Sandra Radmore  –
Vice-President Sir Peter Luff  –
Chair David Wheeler
Vice-chair Margaret Rowley
Secretary Mary Green
Treasurer Trevor Hyde
Committee Denis Pike, Martin Hancox, John Hemingway, Bill Lambert, Malcolm Bates, Lynne Laniosh, Mary Green.
’58’ Editor
John Hemingway
’58’ Team
John Hemingway, Tony Brannon
Membership Secretary Joe Morley
Programme Secretary Denis Pike
Shop Lynne Laniosh
Society Historian Ian Hunter
Volunteers/WorkParty Coordinator Bill Lambert
Website Brett Laniosh (Webmaster), Tony Brannon (Updates)
Social Media/Publicity Tony Brannon (Facebook, Twitter)
Cecilia Co-ordinator David Wheeler
Canal Noticeboards Co-Ordinator Tony Brannon
Heritage matters
St Richards’s Festival